On December 19, 2014 by irby

I have been looking forward to my wedding for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been planning it before I got engaged. Before I even had a boyfriend. Well it is finally happening for me! Yes that is right Chad proposed and my wedding day is going to be just perfect! I want to share with you some of my wedding look must haves for my special day. From lace heels that perfectly match my dress to the my dream hair styles. Get ready, because I’ve got my wedding on my mind

Lace Heels

lace heels

Lace heels just scream wedding, am I right or am I right! You may think that the shoes are not a big deal, but they are. I want to take my first step as the Mrs. in a stunning pair of shoes. They matter. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to wear lace heels. They are just so wedding and cute. I haven’t purchased the lace heels I’ll be wearing on my big day, but I did come across this really cool site call Resultly. They have so many lace heels to choose from that are from so many stores. Check out my lace heels results here. I know I will find the perfect pair that will ensure my wedding day is perfect.

Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Stunning right? I’m all about the Vera Wang and I am for sure going to be wearing a gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress on my big day. Also I want it to have some hints of lace to go along with my lace heels. I also really like the black sash. It is totally different and adds an elegant touch. Plus, my colors for my wedding are black and white with a few hints of sparkle. Yeah it is going to be super glam and amazing. Be jelly of my man Chad and I. Gosh I’m just so excited for my wedding.

Sparkly Hair


For my hair I’m thinking something like this. I found this pretty style on my favorite wedding blog. You can see it here. I really like the pretty hairpieces. I twill totally add a romantic glam touch my my wedding  look. I also really want a veil, but I think it will look really good with one. The loose strand are also super pretty and romantic. I’m sure Chad will love them. He always likes to play with my hair, but I want it also kind of up.

I’m just so excited to marry the man of my dreams and have a kick ass wedding. Now, I won’t be a bridezilla as long as everything goes perfect! Lace heels, Vera Wang, and pretty hair. Also the party and the centerpieces need to be spot on.