Christmas shopping for the family

On December 19, 2014 by irby

I am starting to feel the chilly feeling again which means it is near Christmas season again!!! It means a full force preparation of what foods to serve, planning the whole menu, listing the grocery checklist, buying beverages in advance (trust me, you want to do this since a lot of people and I mean really lots of people will literally hoard beverages a week or within the Christmas week. Of course we also started setting up our Christmas decorations around the house, inside the house, put up the Christmas tree and Christmas lights. It feels so good to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and feel the season of giving again!

Since it is a season of giving, Christmas is always connected to parties, games, exchange gifts and voluntary gift giving to your loved ones. This is the part that I enjoyed the most actually because I love planning gifts for them I like surprising them, my gifts are always personal, meaning the gifts would either be something that they really wanted, something that is very useful or essential, something that fits their personality or something that I am sure they will love. Because that is the whole meaning of giving gifts, you just don’t buy a general give and give them to all of them just to say that you gave them gifts, there are no meaning it is almost the same as to not giving gifts right?

First, I visited my fav shopping site, Resultly. Good thing all I needed is here! I do not need to visit a lot of fashion sites! This really saved me a day!

I plan to give my younger girl cousins clothes that they would love. I think tulle skirts matched with a blouse will be perfect for them, it is cute, fashionable and fits right their age! They can wear them to parties and school events! Ohh there are so many choices, it is really hard to pick a perfect one! This one from JCrew is def a frontrunner

tulle skirt

For my mom, sister, lady friends and lady cousins same or almost near or in range with my age, it is really very easy to find them presents as we all love jewelry! Francesca’s latest necklaces are must-haves. I’ll definitely be checking out this page many times before the holidays are over:

For guys, I do not know much what to give them so I asked my boyfriend to pick clothes for them and I’ll just see if it fits them! Last are my boy cousins, I did not have a hard time planning and choosing gifts for them since I get to see what my cousins are playing and I sometimes play with them since I also played hot wheels and robots as a kid too and I have my boyfriend to tell me what toys are hot and cool for them so that my boys would feel excited like to play! (he he he) and of course it serves as a gift for being sweet little cousins to their auntie! (talk about bribery! Kidding!)