Channel Your Inner-Hippie with a Flower Crown!

On December 19, 2014 by irby

Not only are music festivals the place to wear a flower crown, you can pretty much wear them with any outfit for any occasion! Now I don’t recommend wearing them to your office job, but if you’re simply going out with girlfriends or date night you can always opt for one. Personally, I own about five  of these hair accessories and my favorite is from Resultly. It has all of these pastel-colored flowers that I love to wear basically everywhere I go! Here are some tips on how to style them without looking too “hippie” or a teenage music festival goer.

Match it to your personality: If you find that you’re more outgoing then definitely go big with it! Get one that has bright and fun colors. Or if you find that you’re more of an introvert then go with something subtle like this one here. Just be sure that you’re comfortable with whichever one you choose!

flower crown

Make it a group thing with your girlfriends: Let’s face it not everyone may be comfortable enough to wear one of the bigger crowns; however when you and your girlfriends go out for a birthday or bachelorette party wear one! They definitely bring fun and a pop of color to any outfit. This one from Forever 21  is perfect for any girlfriend outing. Here’s the link to the crown:

flower crown

Pair a crown with a simple braid: With this one don’t worry about looking to “hippie.” It’s a great way to really add that touch of fashion-forward. With this trend, a cute and simple fish-tail braid would be the perfect hair style for any occasion. This crown from Charlotte Russe would look super chic with a braid. It’s this gold metallic color with subtle roses going around it. Perfect color to go with anything!

Or you can work it with a messy-undone hair style: In order to make your complete look effortless and chic is pair it with a loose, kind of wild hair style. Definitely go for a wavy, natural look to achieve this. You can even do a messy bun to get that look. Hey, think of it this way you won’t have to get up that early to do your hair in the morning.

If you do real flowers make sure to take of your crown for longer wear: Let’s say you and your girlfriends are going to Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend and you got a fresh crown, be sure to keep it in the refrigerator until you go. Of course in the summer it can get really humid and hot so make sure to avoid keeping them there.

Don’t be shy, anyone and everyone can wear one: In all seriousness though anyone can pull one of these bad boys off. It can basically be worn with any hair texture and length. This hair accessory trend can be worn pretty much anywhere and is the perfect finishing touch to any casual-chic outfit.

So, are you convinced that flower crowns are this season’s hottest hair accessory trend yet?